You may have questions and concerns about beginning  therapy, and so we begin with an initial consultation which provides an opportunity for you to talk through your reasons for seeking therapy at this time, and to enable us to think about whether psychodynamic therapy can be of help to you. In order allow enough time to explore things in enough depth, this consultation will be longer than the usual session, or we may decide to have two 50 minute sessions which allows more time for reflection before you make a decision about whether to go ahead.

If you decide you want to begin therapy, we will make an agreement to meet at the same time and on the same day or days each week for the ongoing work, which is open-ended. These ongoing sessions last for 50 minutes each.
The therapy may be on a once weekly basis, but it is also possible to meet more frequently (two or more times per week) for more in depth psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, if this seems appropriate.

I can offer some appointments in the early morning or evening, as well as in the daytime from Monday to Friday.

The usual fee for the 50 minute session is 50  but if the sessions take place more than once a week, the fee will be discussed at the initial meeting.

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