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Psychoanalytic therapy can help with difficulties that have an emotional or psychological cause. All people experience emotional problems at some point in their lives, and these can often be dealt with without outside help. However, sometimes the problems remain hidden in our unconscious, and are repeated because current issues stir up feelings from the past and affect our ability to cope.

This sort of therapy is based on the idea that what we experience as a conscious difficulty may be a solution to an unconscious problem. Although we may sometimes try to get rid of these problems by keeping them out of our minds, these unconscious problems can make us behave in ways which are contrary to what is best for us, and even make us distressed or ill. These unhelpful patterns of behaviour usually have their roots in relationships and events experienced in early infancy and childhood that may be re-activated by later trauma or stressful situations.

Psychoanalytic therapy provides an opportunity to explore and work through these unhelpful patterns by means of the relationship that develops between the client and the therapist. Unresolved feelings and patterns of our inner world can be expressed, played out, understood and worked through in the safe, private and confidential place offered by the therapist. In this safe setting emotional conflicts can be relived and new solutions found to old problems.

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